WHITE HOUSE MEETING to discuss Kim Jung Un

BLUE SCREEN CHANT from the epic adventure

THE RAVEN as performed by Arnie one halloween.

PODCAST BAILOUT feel free to use this to get money for YOUR show!

HALLEMOOJAH CHORUS  The cowlets from the 2008 Christmas spectacular!

MR WHIZZR'D SINGS "PARDON ME" after his treasonous exploits!

THE DEVIL WENT DOWN TO BATFRY recapping the events of Episode 85!

CAROL OF THE BELLS The original.

GENERIC SONG for when you need a radio playing in the background before a news alert! FREE FOR ALL TO USE!

ANTI-SOCIAL MEDIA for when you just don't feel social at ALL.  Yes, you may use it.  Just give the Batfry credit!

BLACK WATER  The song sung while draining the black water from the RV.  For the long, elaborate setup to all the gags in this song, refer to episode 102!

OUR MAN FLINT HOTLINE RINGTONE  A classic.  What can I say?

VIVA RENO  All three versions from Episode 106!

LOVE THEME FROM "THE OGOPOGO PROJECT" --from episode 110--sung by Jolene Roxbury (http://joleneroxbury.com)

MOTEL GOODIE FUN YA  from Episode 111.  Special guest vocal at the end!